Education Consultancy

One of the best place of receive high quality globally recognized Qualification. We have signed contracts with renowned colleges and univercities, both public and private, in several European countries e. g. Poland, Czezh Republic, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland. etc.

Want to make 5500 USD per annum at least after completing just a 21-month long course in the USA? Yes it is possible and no SAT and GRE required. TOEFL and IELTS is required and minimum band should be at least 6.5 .

Students Visa Process

  1. Counselling
    From Identifying a person's flair for a particular career path to helping them to find the right universities. Steadfast is proving initial couselling for better understanding the requirements of the condidates.
  2. Career Assessment
    We give professional advice and support to the condidates. We provide them appraisal tests that assess their abilities, interest, personality. This helps them take good education choices with logical information in hand.
  3. Visa Processing and Application
    the application of student visa differs from one country to another. It is required for candidates, who would like to apply in international Colleges/Universities. We will assist the condidate throughout the whole procedure.